A step we have taken to help protect our planet is switching to waterborne paint products. This is a investment that will not only benefit Earth, but also you, the consumer. Waterborne paint systems offer consumers a high quality finish with substantially less harmful ozone depleting emissions, up to 90% less. When compared to solvent based paints, waterborne paint also goes further per ounce, therefore reducing the amount of hazardous waste created.

In keeping with our high standard of quality we choose to us a BASF Glasurit paint system. With color match technology it ensures that you receive the highest quality refinishing and recaptures the factory look of your vehicle. Glasurit paints employ state-of-the-art technology that gives the ultimate blend of speed, ease of use, color match and durability. The rich liquid color and deep brilliant gloss defines Glasurit as a world-class finish. Only Glasurit delivers a comprehensive system of perfectly matched products and processes from primer to clearcoat. Long considered a worldwide standard of excellence.


Auto Body Painting. State of the Art.

Auto paint is without a doubt one of the most complex paints made today. Its purpose is to enhance the beauty of the car or truck and also protect the auto body design. It also comes in 10,000 colors and effects, and has greater luster, shine, depth, and weather resistance than any other type of paint. Yet it is only .003” thick! It’s easy to see why auto paint repair requires great skill, experience and expertise. At Advanced Auto Body we have that experience and expertise to ensure your vehicle has that show room luster you want to see.


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